About Us

We face two major threats today: one to the health of our planet and the other to our own.


"The twin catastrophes of planetary and human health will create a 100 Trillion Dollar opportunity."
— Arvind Gupta

The U.N. says the global population will hit 9.7 billion by 2050, meaning more people consuming more natural resources than at any point in human history. Consumption is already doubling every 10-12 years. Add to that the challenges of a warming planet. On the human health front, some 30% of young people under age 20 are obese, 31% of deaths are from cardiovascular disease, and cancer cases are growing at a rate twice as fast as the population.

Fortunately, biology and smart IT are creating fixes for the planet as well as for the human being.

As they do so, they are poised to reinvent countless industries, giving rise to what we believe is a golden age for biology as technology.

The intersection between Biology and Smart IT is redefining many industries and aspects of our lives. This amalgam is what we call BioSoft.

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