About Us

We invest at the intersection of Biology and Deep Tech (ergo BioSoft)


"The biggest innovations of the 21st century will be at the intersection of biology and technology. A new era is beginning."
— Steve Jobs, 1996

In our view, just as it happened in the dot.com era, the current financial winter will bring the best vintages in startups, not seen in several decades. Most start-ups will disappear but the ones that thrive will define every major industry and become part of everyday life.

Our goal is to identify category leaders in the spaces that combine computational and life sciences. We back up early-stage startups, and once they’ve reached MVP (Minimum Viable Product), we support them in their journey from prototype to product by introducing them to a soft-landing program built to boost scaling capabilities in a cost-efficient environment. Achieving scale is a fundamental part of making a technology widespread and a startup successful. A key contribution we make to our startups is helping them with this endeavor.

Actual macro-conditions demand a lean, flexible and cost-efficient mindset to succeed, especially in the Biosoft space. We bring the necessary tools for startups to embrace this way of thinking and executing, without out-of-this-world investment rounds.

A key stone for this model is geographic location. Mexico is an optimal geography to SCALE as it sits a few hours south of the US, it has relevant free-trade agreements with multiple countries such as USMCA (TMEC)with the US in place and it exports more products to the US than all the rest of central and Latin America combined. It also has the necessary human talent at the right labor rate which is why it has become the biggest automotive hub in the world, hosting companies from Tesla to BMW.

The intersection between Biology and Smart IT is redefining many industries and aspects of our lives. This amalgam is what we call BioSoft.

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