The Startups


We invest in entrepreneurs that are searching for new forms to solve the most important challenges that our species is facing on the planet by using Biofab and Smart IT. Our business development team has a select pipeline to track those Startups that we are evaluating for investment.



Polybion® is the leading biofabrication platform in Latinamerica, endorsed by MIT Technology Review. They grow materials, such as Celium®, a biofabricated leather grown by brewing agroindustrial fruit waste. They revalue free agroindustrial biomass as raw material and living cells as a catalyst, rendering a nano-matrix that has better physicochemical and mechanical properties than PU Synthetic leather.



MycoWorks is a San Francisco-based startup which produces sustainable products and apparels from fungi. The company was founded in 2013 and produces weatherproof materials using fungi found in the roots of mushrooms used in footwear, batteries, and automobiles. MycoWorks produces its products through a process which involves taking fungi obtained from tissues of mycelia and storing them in a jar. In three to seven days, the mixture expands and forms into clumps of material, which is then used to create products like handbags, purses, etc.



Monitor is a Mexico-based IoT company that provides Smart IT solutions for digitalization, analytics, and decision-making in the manufacturing industry. They are the first platform in Latin America to successfully integrate third party IoT industrial and not industrial sensors into one easy to use, cloud based platform. Monitor®’s middleware platform is geared towards helping industrial companies unlock data insights from their existing machinery and production line kit by linking Internet connected sensors and edge devices to platform controls. The hardware agnostic platform acts as a central hub for data flows and generates powerful insights instantly.



Tiny remote robots and sensors inside the human body to diagnose or treat illnesses. The Endiatx Pill Robot is a diagnostic capsule capable of traversing the full length of the Gastro Intestinal Tract in approximately 30 minutes, including the full length of the small intestine. Our videogame-like interface lets doctors perform sedation-free endoscopy in places they simply haven’t been able to… until now.



Our mission is to change the way the world is colored. We are introducing novel natural colorants to meet consumers demand of better & healthier products. The vast majority of food dyes used today are synthetic chemicals derived from petroleum which hve been linked to allergies, hyperactivity, and even cancer. Biocolorants do exist, but they are expensive to use and don´t hold their color when cookd or processed; insect-based dyes aren´t halal, vegan or kosher.



We allow banks to track and build a graph of every single interaction they have with loan applicants from looking to booking, whether that's through their Website, mobile banking app or social media. We then make that behavioral data actionable through the use of Conversational AI and by integrating into their existing origination systems to facilitate loans for their customers without the need to involve a human agent.

SOSV Inspiration from Acceleration

SOSV is a multi-stage venture capital investor. We run multiple world-class vertical accelerator programs, and provide seed, venture and growth stage follow-on investment into superstar companies. Our unique full-stack model has delivered a net IRR over the last 20 years that puts us in the top 10% of all venture funds worldwide.